A Tech Birdie: Delightful Tournament Experience Through GolfScore-Live

GOLF is a four-letter word that stands for Green, Oxygen, Light, and Friendship. Golf is undoubtedly a charismatic sport that brings enjoyment and inspirations. As Grantland Rice, a 20th century American Sportswriter, once wrote, "golf is 20 percent mechanics and technique, and 80 percent philosophy, humor, romance, melodrama, companionship, camaraderie and conversation."

On March 24, 2017 more than 100 golfers came together at The Grove in celebration of the 6th annual Charity Pro-Am event. This event is hosted by former European Tour professional Jamie Little on behalf of the Variety Club Charity. The Grove is one of the most prestigious, beautiful and challenging golf courses in England. Golfers battled it out in a team competition for a place in a Grand Final, whilst the professionals competed for a cash prize.

At the event, golfers used the GolfScore-Live app giving them a new dimension to their tournament experience. The app was installed on handsets allowing players to carry it portably and input scores quickly and easily. GolfScore-Live utilizes the latest technology offering clubs and golfers a paperless scoring system.

The app creates on-and-off course ‘live’ Leaderboards that enables players to see exactly how they’re doing and see the bigger picture of other team’s performances at any point in the round, just like the Pro’s on tour. This ‘Live’ scoring adds to the enjoyment and excitement of the players' day.

Shinetech is the honored software partner of GolfScore-Live and our project manager Xiaoyue was delighted to be invited to the event to see the technology and golfers in action.

Over the past year, our development team strived to improve the golfer’s user experience and app performance through the combination of design, strategy, technology and data. With the help of a short yet very effective period of learning, our team went from little golf knowledge to developing an essential business application actively used in the sport. The team custom built a back-end server for the app, allowing the scores to be uploaded from devices to the cloud, then to the server to store the data and process score calculation. Later, the leaderboard performance analysis will be transmitted to each device nearly real time.

"We are very happy to receive player’s feedbacks on the app, and glad to hear that they like the app. The trend is that digital is gradually transforming the experience of sport and other leisure activities, and that's what we are good at", said Xiaoyue, who is also the project manager of mobile app for track enthusiasts, Track Day Genius.

Christopher Cade, the founder of GolfScore-Live said that, “from an initial idea Shinetech really helped me bring the product to life. Shinetech team was instrumental in helping translate golf into technology in a simple way that everyone is now getting to enjoy. We just need to teach them how to play the game now!”

To learn more about our mobile app development capabilities, visit http://www.shinetechsoftware.com/mobile-development

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