The Myths and Realities of IoT in Energy Management

Shinetech Europe recently attended the third DLA Piper European Technology Summit, which brings together business leaders in the European tech industry and key figures who shape the regulatory and financial landscape under one roof. The team is inspired by the insights and analysis into the growth of technology and innovation on the panel discussion and breakout sessions.

The summit speakers shared an astonishing world-class showcase surrounding the Internet of Things, including the unmanned aerial vehicle, virtual reality technology, and the integration of artificial intelligent to IoT. Rather than a recap on how the emerging technology could make meaningful changes to daily lives, Shinetech would like to elucidate our perspectives on how could firms embraced technology to optimise their business, in particular, in energy management.

What's the Buzz?

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has triggered an ever-evolving exploration of possibilities to connect analytics with any commercial goods. In Gartner's 100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2020 (publied on 24/03/2016), it forecasts that the IoT will support total services greatly and 26 billion connected things will be in use worldwide by 2020. It has been seen as a big thing or treasure: the big data gained through machine-to-machine communication which is built on cloud and networks of data-gathering sensors; it's going to make everything in our lives "smart".

Do you Think Big?

We might have only heard about how IoT are applied in particular industries such as specialised equipment used in hospital operating theatures or tracking devices in container ships, or in consumer goods such as automated and connected home systems. However, there are increasing number of enterprises get to see the cross-industry connected devices as an mission-critical strategy for purposes of cost saving. The involvement of IoT can be seen in every aspect of resource management: heating, control of carbon monoxide emissions, water systems, street lighting management systems, transportation systems, parking space utilisation, control systems and so forth.

In the commercial market, everything is built on the heart of energy saving and organisations understand the natural synergies between the IoT and energy-related issues. It is crucial that firms in the energy industries find their software partners that can process and make useful the massive amount of data produced by the IoT. The partnership of software and hardware positions a more reliable, efficient and profitable system.

What Can Shinetech Do?

Here the IoT team in Shinetech, having vast experience and insightful knowledge in data analytics and connected things, we can help from developing the interactive system surface to guiding you on the journey of IoT. Our team can design and implement IoT solution based on main-stream cloud platforms such as AWS/Azure/Aliyun.

Our scope includes:

- Smart devices connected with IoT platform (Android development)

- IoT platform hosted on AWS: Java/Scala/Continuous Integration & Deployment/AWS services including container, SQS, Lambda, mobile analytics, Kinesis, S3, NoSQL, Elastic MapReduce

The future of energy will be linked to the smartness of your firm's IoT buildings, why not book a Shinetech IoT consultation session talking to our IT consultants today?

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