Monthly News Roundup - September 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from August covering some of the industry trends, including web development and devops.

Consumers more demanding, less forgiving when it comes to website and app performance – SD Times 8/22

Today’s online users expect a greater level of performance than they did three years ago, according to the research, and if they are disappointed with slow websites or crashing apps, they have no problem telling friends and family about their bad experiences. Most agreed that slow loading times are a source of frustration for digital experiences. As many as one-third of respondents agreed that the impact is significant, and it leads them to quickly abandon a site or application.

What is devops? Transforming software development – Infoworld 8/18

Core devops practices center around infrastructure configuration standards, automation, testing, and monitoring. But devops also requires cultural and mindset changes in IT. An amalgamation of “development” and “operations,” “devops” describes the organizational structure, practices, and culture needed to enable rapid agile development and scalable, reliable operations.

How Apps Can Use Data To Enhance The User Experience – Forbes 8/2

There are a lot of apps floating around in the world, from pocket dictionaries to payment systems to games that use augmented reality. And while the vast majority of them have nowhere near the reach of the most popular apps, they still have access to a considerable amount of user data.


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