Monthly News Roundup – November 2016

The following is a compilation of articles from November covering industry trends, including open source security, mobile app development trends, and e-commerce platforms.

Why Software Is No Longer Being Written from Scratch – App Developer Magazine – 11/1

Application developers are increasingly reliant on open source component parts because pre-fabricated components speed up innovation and save developers the time (and money) of having to write code from scratch. But with 6.1% of component downloads containing a known security vulnerability, it’s inevitable that defective parts will make their way into production, especially with component management practices lagging. Until recently, it’s been difficult for organizations to fully grasp the enormity of what it means to have to work backwards to fix the use of defective, outdated, and risky components in applications.

True Agile Software Development Requires DevOps – CIO – 11/15

Enterprises are quickening the pace with which they build and roll out software to better satisfy customers who expect new features as often as smartphone application upgrades. However, enterprises that wish to reap the potentially rich rewards of getting IT and business line leaders to build software together in agile fashion must also embrace the DevOps model, says Fannie Mae, CIO at Frederic Veron. Combining agile and DevOps requires implementing a set of processes and automation tools that allow programmers to continuously integrate and deploy software.

7 Open Source Security Predictions for 2017 – IT Pro Portal – 11/17

Everyone uses open source. It’s found in around 95% of applications and it’s easy to understand why. Open source’s value in reducing development costs, in freeing internal developers to work on higher-order tasks, and in accelerating time to market is undeniable. The rapid adoption of open source has outpaced the implementation of effective open source management and security practices. In the annual ‘Future of Open Source Survey’ conducted earlier this year by Black Duck, nearly half of respondents said they had no formal processes to track their open source, and half reported that no one has responsibility for identifying known vulnerabilities and tracking remediation. This article details some events around open source and open source security that we shouldn’t be surprised to see in the coming year.

5 Signs That You Should Upgrade to a New E-commerce Platform – Entrepreneur – 11/21

Multi-million dollar businesses depend on the successful operation of the right e-commerce platform. Yet, many companies have inadequate systems and recognize those systems' impact on their daily operations. Given e-commerce’s steady growth, it's increasingly necessary to upgrade to an e-commerce platform so that you can bypass labor-intensive processes. Moreover, never-ending integration issues can easily consume your valuable time and resources. This article shares five revealing signs that indicate now is the time to reevaluate your current e-commerce situation and upgrade to one that will support your growing e-commerce business.


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