Monthly News Roundup – March 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from March covering industry trends, including software development, enterprise mobility, and mobile app development.  

4 Tips for Smart Use of Enterprise Mobility Management  – Biz Tech – 3/6

As bring-your-own-device models become the rule for mobility, rather than the exception, IT managers are scrambling to upgrade to enterprise mobility management tools. One new need is better control of valuable corporate data on users’ smartphones and tablets. To help with this need, the latest EMM tools offer containers: software tools to partition, protect and, when necessary, erase corporate email, address books, files and application data.

7 Must-Know Facts About Mobile App Development– Tech.Co – 3/13

Mobile apps have become incredibly popular in recent years. The field is wide and diverse, making it easy to for any company to carve out their niche. There are, however, things to consider before you delve into the world of app development. If you can use the tools available and create something that many people can use, you can even turn your mobile app into a steady source of income. Like any other business venture, you want to educate on the facts about mobile app development before getting started.

3 Software Development Trends You Don’t Want to Miss – The Next Web – 3/28

The world of software development is a fast paced and ever changing landscape. Developers want to work on exciting things. New tools, languages, frameworks and innovations are constantly emerging and revolutionizing the industry. Take advantage of these software development trends that will help you ship great software applications with greater speed, efficiency and accuracy. 


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