Monthly News Roundup - June 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from May covering industry trends, including DevOps, Digital Transformation and our blog post about developing stable, easy to maintain software applications.

4 Tips for Successful DevOps Implementation – Virtual Strategy – 4/29

As technology continues to evolve, improve and develop, many companies are focusing on their IT departments to better understand this new technology and making the best use of it. Alongside technology, customer expectations and needs are on the rise as well. The necessity of DevOps implementation is thus also on the rise, as it offers a solution to meeting market demands. The foundation of DevOps is the effective collaboration between the development and operations teams.

Four steps for bringing legacy systems into your digital transformation– SD Times – 5/15

Many businesses around the world are investing in digital transformation strategies to reach new markets, improve interactions with customers and create operational efficiencies. Unlike the digital natives, however, organizations born before the Internet typically don’t have the luxury of starting from scratch with their IT infrastructures. Their enterprises usually are cluttered with older, transaction-based systems that are infeasible or impractical to rip out because they still serve mission-critical business processes and reflect substantial investment in money and skills over the course of years.

Developing Maintainable Software Applications – Shinetech Blog – 5/22

When it comes to developing software, not only you have to consider creating the application, but also everything that comes with it. This can be from the actual design of the software to maintenance and updates. Most software developers would agree with the first point mentioned in the article; it is far more interesting to start a new project where you can implement your original ideas. But if you don't do things correct from the outset, the project life cycle can be very short.


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