Monthly News Roundup – January 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from January covering industry trends, including DevOps, mobile app trends, and open source software.

How DevOps Brings Together the Best Elements of the IT Team – IT Pro Portal – 1/1

There is pressure to deliver new features and software to users, added to vast data growth, budget constraints and the ever-present need to do more with less. To get ahead, IT teams have to rethink and reshape application development and IT operations as they need to be able to work together, understand each other and be adaptable and flexible. The DevOps approach is grounded in the belief that development and operations teams work as one, adapting to one another, and learning about the other’s work in order to better grasp the demands of their own role.

Prototyping Your Mobile App: Three Options to Explore – Forbes – 1/9

All great ideas start with a single prototype, whether it is the iMac, the Tesla Roadster, or a mobile app you believe has the ability to change the world. This not only allows you to test your idea, but also helps you spot potential problems and make improvements before the development process gets underway. Have a few different options when it comes to prototyping your app concept.

The Best Open Source Software – Tech Radar – 1/24

The term ‘open source’ refers to software whose source code is freely available to download, edit, use and share. There are different types of open source license, which give users different degrees of freedom, but the main aim of open source is to encourage collaboration. Open source software has lots of advantages over other ‘free’ options you’ll come across, even if you’re not a developer yourself. It’s usually maintained by a community and updated frequently to patch vulnerabilities or squish bugs as soon as they’re identified, there are no restrictions on commercial use, so you can happily use it for your home business, and the ability to edit the source means there’s often a wealth of user-created plugins available to download. Here’s a list of the best open source software.

Why ERP Mobility Requires Enterprises to Be Proactive  – TechTarget – 1/26

In today's economy, companies are under ever-increasing pressure to ensure that their employees are more productive. Implementing mobile technology, including mobile ERP systems, allows organizations to benefit from improved worker productivity and better customer relationships. In addition, ERP mobility enables businesses to offer better customer service and to be more competitive. But, despite those benefits, there are some challenges preventing enterprises from giving workers widespread access to their ERP systems via their mobile devices.


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