Monthly News Roundup – February 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from February covering industry trends, including DevOps, enterprise resource planning, and tips on executing the best outsourcing plan.

DevOps Done Right: Why Work-Life Balance Matters to Digital Transformation Success – Computer Weekly - 2/1

As enterprises in every industry grapple with digital transformation, and fixate on meeting user demands for always-on services, IT departments find themselves under growing pressure to perform and deliver. It is not difficult to see why, against this backdrop, enterprises are increasingly looking to DevOps as a means of speeding up their software development and testing cycles, as well as their responsiveness to ever-changing customer demands and expectations. In the pursuit to ensure user expectations are met, companies can fall into the trap of overlooking the importance of empathy and, in turn, the work-life balance needs of their IT department.

Best ERP Systems and Tools – IT PRO – 2/9

Choosing the right ERP for your business can be quite a task. Are you looking for an all-rounder, one that's been designed specifically for your vertical or one to better suit the needs of a small, medium or large organization? Although there are many to choose from, here is a roundup of ERP systems that offer the best coverage for businesses looking to invest in new tools.

A Software Developer's Guide to Maintaining Code – DZone – 2/15

New software gets created all the time, but every new software application is expected to have some sort of lifespan that is hopefully longer than the time it took to create it. This means that there will always be more old software out there than new software, unless we have a ridiculously high influx of new software and a bunch of old software dies off at the same time, but that is very unlikely to happen. You’ll need to know how to properly maintain code so that it doesn’t get worse over time. You’ll also need to learn how to write good code that is easy to maintain, so that developers who later have to maintain your code can easily use it. In this article, you will learn how to maintain code and how to write maintainable code.

How to Institute an Agile IT Outsourcing Process – CIO – 2/23

Traditionally, IT organizations have spent six months to a year or more on the IT outsourcing transaction process, finding the right providers and negotiating a suitable contract. But as IT services and, increasingly, as-a-service— deals have gotten shorter, that lengthy process may no longer make sense. Industry advisors and consultants have debated the potential benefits of speedier sourcing for several years. In today’s rapidly changing business and technology landscape, it may become an imperative. An effective outsourcing engagement demands more than just an accelerated version of the traditional IT services transaction process.


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