Monthly News Roundup – December 2016

The following is a compilation of articles from November covering industry trends, including DevOps methods, software development trends, and mobile app development frameworks.

How DevOps is Changing Business and Moving Companies Towards a Cloud-First Strategy – Computer Business Review – 12/12

Modern project management styles within the IT and software development disciplines are usually variations on two basic concepts: the upfront requirements gathering method (Waterfall) and the iterative or continual requirements gathering method (Agile). While these processes have evolved and improved over time, both Waterfall and Agile methodologies lack the critical perspective—they don’t take account of or leverage the production environment on which the application runs. Touching upon the Waterfall methodology and Agile frameworks, here is a look at how DevOps is impacting today’s businesses.

The Democratization of Software Development – Entrepreneur – 12/14

Software development, once the domain of hard-core techies who worked in a world apart from the day-to-day operations of the business world, has become democratized. Newer business models now bring tech, development and business together, and line-of-business managers now have a hand in developing programs that were once relegated to a windowless back room staffed with the mysterious high priests of code, working late into the night and guzzling energy drinks. Those days are gone, thanks to a new generation of software-as-a-service development platforms that simplify app creation, along with new cloud and as-a-service innovations that have brought IT out into the daylight in a new “dot-cloud boom” era of easy access and development for the masses.

The Top 5 Mobile App Development Frameworks at the Year End – DZone – 12/16

At the end of 2016, it’s just the right time to evaluate which mobile app development frameworks have been popular throughout the year. As we know a framework is complex software environment with many sub-components such as tools sets, compilers, debuggers, application programming interfaces, different code libraries and many other components aiding developers creating an app. So which platforms could top others this year? Here are the top five frameworks.

New Ways the Cloud Will Reign in 2017 – IT Pro Portal – 12/30

The reign of the cloud has begun, as employing a strong cloud strategy has escalated from being a luxury to a must have for the enterprise. Meanwhile, as companies around the world struggle with their digital transformation efforts, Bimodal IT has become the new norm, for good or bad. I anticipate we’ll see companies look to take their cloud strategies to the next level to bridge the divide between the two modes of IT in 2017. I predict they’ll do that through the use of hybrid approaches including the expansion of private cloud usage and new solutions that facilitate legacy application modernization. Here’s how I see those predictions playing out in the coming year.


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