Monthly News Roundup - August 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from July covering some of the industry trends, including Digital Transformation, Project Management methods and Blockchain.

Top 6 Digital Transformation Trends in The Automotive Industry – Forbes – 7/25

The automotive industry has learned quickly that they must meet consumer demands for a digitally enhanced experience when they are researching, purchasing and operating a car. These are the trends currently transforming the automotive industry.

How to Pick the Best Project Management Methodology for Success – CIO – 7/20

Choosing the right project management methodology for your team is the first step to success. But with so many different — and in some cases, overlapping — approaches to managing the complexities of any given project, how can you know which project management methodology is best?

Three ways IT can team up with Mobile Application Developers – TechTarget – 7/11

IT departments and mobile app developers are no longer worlds apart. Thanks to low-code tools, back-end integration and DevOps, admins may end up stepping into a developer's shoes. Today, advancements in monitoring, management and automation software abstract much of the physical IT infrastructure away. At the same time, more organizations are deploying mobile applications and other software to replace or improve upon existing business processes. But this trend, known as digital transformation, has many opposing forces. Mobile application developers' skills are in high demand and short supply.

What is Blockchain good for, in real-world IT –CIO – 7/8

Big ideas are great. The technology world long ago accepted the idea of high risk/high reward moon shots. It is very easy to get swept up into how a technology can revolutionize the world. Blockchain has the potential for big things, from combating voter fraud to recreating the world's financial systems. The future is seemingly very bright for blockchain. But what I don't hear people talking about are the more practical IT usages of blockchain. How can blockchain make IT departments more efficient and more secure?


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