Monthly News Roundup - April 2017

The following is a compilation of articles from April covering industry trends, including software development outsourcing, Agile storyboards and a story about a mobile app our team recently developed for golf enthusiasts.

How to successfully outsource software development – 3/24

Software development is challenging even in the best of circumstances. When your company is considering hiring an outside firm to do your development, it is incumbent upon you and your entire staff to make sure the project comes together without stumbling over obstacles that shouldn't have become problems in the first place. Key to any technical endeavor is planning and expert analysis of where a project is headed, and how it is going to develop.

Software Development Tips: Storyboard for simplicity - 4/6

Albert Einstein said "If you cannot explain it simply, you didn’t get it yourself.” This quote on simplicity can be applied to everyday life regardless of what work you do, from CFO to content director to software developer. During the Agile software development process, the concept of user stories helps define the basic requirements of a functioning platform.

Mobile app development solutions in action – Shinetech Blog 4/14

On March 24, 2017 more than 100 golfers came together at The Grove in celebration of the 6th annual Charity Pro-Am event. At the event, golfers used the Golf Score-Live app giving them a new dimension to their tournament experience. GolfScore-Live utilizes the latest technology offering clubs and golfers a paperless scoring system. The app allows users to input scores quickly and easily and also creates on-and-off course ‘live’ Leaderboards. That enables players to see exactly how they’re doing and provides some performance analysis, making the game even more exciting.


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