How to Know If You’ve Found the Right Outsourcing Software Development Team

In a recent article from CIO, the author talks about how to know if you’ve outsourced software development to the right team. In this post, I will add on to points made by sharing practical experiences and lessons I’ve learned from the projects I’ve worked on in the past.

The first point mentioned was “the right team is ready to go from sprint zero.” Sprint zero refers to the first iteration of an Agile project, commonly used as the kick-off phase. It is usually just one week long and used to set-up the infrastructure and development tools and prepare user stories and the backlog. Different projects require different tech stacks and frameworks, so having a team that is already familiar with it shortens the preparation time. 

In my experience, team building has proven to be the most effective way to ensure a fast start for any project. This initial meeting is designed to review the requirements with all members of the team to make sure the scope of the project is clearly understood. Once the team fully understands the business process and use cases, they can make sure the architecture, design, or priority of the features is correct, as well as offer recommendations or suggestions for how to build the software even better to fit the purpose.

The following three points of this article touch on being innovative and knowledgeable, all skills which Shinetech team members possess. By having the skills and knowledge needed to work with evolving, advanced technology, we can easily adapt and offer quality services to our various clients around the world.

Another important point the article makes is having a team leader that communicates well. While communication skills towards the client is always expected, you always need to keep in mind the importance of internal communications. The team lead is responsible for collecting the ideas to ensure the whole team is in sync, leading to an effective team that works well together.

The last point made focuses on diversity. A great software team is made up of people from different backgrounds that have a variety of skillsets. When building a diverse team, I find it to be extremely important to look at an individual’s overall work habits. It is not only about picking the correct members from the resource pool based on technical skill, but also about looking at their knowledge background and personality. A modern skillset is important, but looking at how well someone is at sharing ideas and requirements, as well as being able to accept the suggestions of others on the team is crucial for productivity. It’s all about collaboration.

This idea of collaboration was very important to a project we recently worked on. In 2015, our client came to us with very clear requirements for the tech stack and developers’ qualifications. This project was for the medical field and the goal was to gather relevant information from various sources and then process and transfer it to the end users in a highly secure manner. During the ramp-up phase, some project details were not revealed. Without all of the information needed, I had to build the team up by selecting developers who had experience in this specific area of focus. I wanted to ensure we had the right amount of developers and QAs to keep the workload balanced and boost productivity.  

We did a lot of internal preparation to make sure everything was clearly understood, from the way everyone uses GiTHub to how we provide estimates for the different story points. During the first week, we spent a lot of time making sure we were all aligned on the client expectations and the way we would be working. After sprint zero, our team started coding the first modules and reviewed them with the client. We reviewed the product with the client specifically to confirm that it did in fact support the new type of business and features they might be dealing with in the future. Being proactive with the client also gave team members the confidence to suggest ways to improve the product that the client may have not thought about or considered yet.

Because of the team’s hard work from start to finish, the blueprint designs were turned into a physical product in just 3 months!

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