Outsourcing Checklist: How to Choose the Right Vendor

As we mentioned in our previous blog post on the 5 Steps to Selecting the Right IT Outsourcing Vendor, making the decision to outsource an IT project is only half of the battle. Once this choice is made, businesses are then faced with the important challenge of finding and selecting the right IT outsourcing vendor.  

Choosing an outsourcing provider can be difficult process, but this checklist will help you pick the right one to meet your business's current and future needs:

Why Security Needs To Come First In Software Development: Part I

Jixiao Wang has already introduced the Agile concept in an earlier blog entry on the value of Agile development. As a follow up, I would like to share my insights on what will soon become a best practice in software development. In the first post of this two-part series, I’ll be discussing the crucial need to build security into the entire software development life cycle.

Shinetech Software Inc. Expands Global Presence with Two New Delivery Centers

shinetech software

Shinetech recently opened two new delivery centers in Shanghai and Shenzhen. These new locations will allow Shinetech to better serve prospective and existing customers, and further strengthen the service offerings of advanced .NET solutions, mobile development and smart software solutions for connected devices.

2015 has been a year of tremendous global growth for Shinetech. In addition to the opening of offices in Boston, Mass. in the U.S. and Sydney, Australia, the Shanghai and Shenzhen delivery centers mark an important step for the company’s growth this year.

The Value of Agile Software Development

agile development process

Shinetech has been practicing Agile methodology for our software development projects for nearly a decade. Agile methodologies – such as Scrum, XP, and FDD -- are alternatives to traditional sequential project management typically used in software development. Agile promotes adaptive planning, progressive development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, as well as fast and flexible response to changes.

HR Mobile Application for Employee Tracking & Attendance Records

As a part of the Human Resources (HR) department in our Shijiazhuang branch of Shinetech, part of my job is keeping track of employee attendance records and collecting the statistics at the end of month in order to calculate reimbursements for employees’ travel, meals and other expenses. As our company continues to grow with more team members in different offices, it was becoming a challenge to keep track of everyone and complete the time sheets at the end of the month.

3 Ways to Resolve the Mobile Security Dilemma

mobile security

Shinetech Software’s Europe team attended the UC Expo 2015, UK & Europe’s largest unified communications & collaboration event in April. The main themes of the expo were around communication mobility, interoperability and security issues facing modern businesses. Given the pervasiveness of wireless networks, the proliferation of mobile devices, and the demand for mobility in all aspects of IT today, it is no wonder that mobility is currently a top technology priority for increasing organizational flexibility and productivity.

Shinetech sponsors riverBREW 4.0 to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation

Shinetech Software is proud to support Parkinson’s disease research by sponsoring the fourth annual riverBREW event in Newburgh, NY on May 21. The event will include beverages, food, raffles, a silent auction and live music, with all proceeds to benefit Team Fox for the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

Top 7 Misconceptions about IT Outsourcing

When working with an IT outsourcing partner for the first time, there are some preconceived notions companies have about the differences in working style, partly coming from different company culture and also between a traditional team and an Agile team. Below is a list of common misconceptions about IT and software development outsourcing.

Misconception 1: Communication and cultural barriers will hinder the final product.