Scrum essentials for software development:

Why development is trending towards Agile.

In today’s highly competitive, global marketplace, there’s a lot to love about being Agile. Agile is a lightweight software development methodology that focuses on collaborative working styles, responsive teams and a commitment to delivering working software. Here are just some of the reasons more software developers like you are demanding Agile methodology from their off-shore development partners:

The Shinetech difference: Off-shore development with integrity.

Off-shore outsourcing is a big decision that puts big fear into companies new to the territory. We understand. Development is the lifeblood of your company. And choosing the right off-shore development provider is no small feat.

So how do you choose an IT outsourcer that’s in synch with your needs? The answer is simple. Choose one that embraces Agile development and the same business values that you do. And follow these simple guidelines for choosing a development partner for your business:

Presentation layer web development:

Less .NET complexity and more design.

More and more .NET web applications are being designed with pure presentation-layer development. It’s easy to understand why. Today’s powerful browsers and front-end technologies are giving web developers an alternative to the traditional reliance on ASP.NET web form applications—and simplifying web development for the better. So what are some of the advantages we see with presentation layer web application development?

It’s front end. 

What's important in a sprint?

Best bets for managing sprints for scrum success. 

As experienced agile software developers, we know that well-planned sprints are essential to scrum success. But did you know that your sprints are only as successful as the planning that goes into to them? Without proper planning, sprint goals and timelines can quickly veer off course putting your delivery goals at risk. Following are some of our best-practice strategies for getting the most out of scrum sprints.

Sprint planning and review

Development Outsourcing Best Practices: Three Ways to Outsource Smarter with an Agile Development Partner


Making the decision to outsource your software development makes good business sense. Yet turning one of your most important business assets over to an offshore business partner can be a daunting task—and choosing the right overseas developer can make the difference between business success and financial catastrophe. The challenges are clear; cultural differences, geography, language barriers and varying time zones. So how do you ensure software development outsourcing success with so many hurdles to overcome?

A Better Delivery Process for More Reliable Software: How to Speed Development with Continuous Integration

At Shinetech, we’re always on the lookout for better software delivery processes to ensure our clients’ success. At the top of our list, is continuous integration (CI) that has become an essential process in our software development toolkit.

CI makes it easy to ensure software quality, because CI controls the revision process and applies quality checks throughout the development lifecycle—preventing costly reworks and delivery delays.

The principles of CI are simple; find code defects early in the process when they are smaller, easier and faster to resolve.

IT Outsourcing Benefits

As outsourcing service models mature, vendors are striving to provide a partnership style of collaboration. This is based on the outsourcing teams being able to understand and value more fully the customer business overall aim and vision. The emerging partnership relationship strengthens and highlights the pre-existing benefits of IT outsourcing and the effective steps that have been taken to turn IT outsourcing into not only a cost effective move, but a beneficial partnership between client and company.