Improving Software Testing Coverage with Test Automation

Testing is a crucial part of software development. The cost of correcting a flaw in the functionality or fixing a bug becomes more expensive the later it is found in the development cycle. This issue can be avoided with comprehensive testing, which is not always a simple task. With such a wide range of OS versions and different devices and browsers in use, the different combinations are countless. Automated testing can help speed up the process, although as many experts have reminded us, we should not completely forget the function of us humans in testing.

Developing Maintainable Software Applications

When it comes to developing software, not only you have to consider creating the application, but also everything that comes with it. This can be from the actual design of the software to maintenance and updates. In this recent article, the author discussed some points related to maintaining software applications and the code base. It’s a topic I am quite passionate about, so I wanted to add a few things.

Shinetech Software, Inc. Announces New Global Structure, Promotes Key Leaders

Shinetech Software today announced it will be adding a hyper-local and consultative approach in the United States and other key markets through new service offerings and business solutions. The company has also promoted John Vanderpool, formerly Senior Vice President of Global Operations, to Chief Operating Officer of Shinetech to improve company structure and enhance value-add services.

A Tech Birdie: Delightful Tournament Experience Through GolfScore-Live

GOLF is a four-letter word that stands for Green, Oxygen, Light, and Friendship. Golf is undoubtedly a charismatic sport that brings enjoyment and inspirations. As Grantland Rice, a 20th century American Sportswriter, once wrote, "golf is 20 percent mechanics and technique, and 80 percent philosophy, humor, romance, melodrama, companionship, camaraderie and conversation."